About UNA Grill

The story of UNA Grill began on a hot night in the Ivory Coast. The Soubras gathered around a small wooden table. There was no grill at hand, so they started improvising and created their own do-it-yourself version. Dinner turned out great, but as a result of grilling on the table, the table-top was ruined.

Fortunately, the story didn’t end there. After many prototypes, the final product was launched at the worlds largest garden trade fair spoga+gafa in Cologne, Germany. A special thank you to our supporters at Kickstarter and friends who made this possible.

The family behind UNA Grill

Since generations, the Soubras have been an international family with roots in Beirut, Lebanon. Amir (father) was born in Tokyo. He lives in Beirut with his wife Salma. Sherif (eldest son) was born in France and currently lives in Amsterdam. His two brothers and their families grew up in Beirut and later set up businesses in the Ivory Coast.

Food unites us and brings us together. This is what UNA Grill is all about. Una is the Latin word for “together". UNA Grill is a product influenced by many cultures. It was designed in the Netherlands and Germany with contributions from Lebanon and is being manufactured in Vietnam.

Our perspective

We noticed that not much thought is given to the looks of a grill, but we wanted to make a beautiful object that appeals to the eye when carried or on the table. Due to lack of space, we wanted something that doesn’t stand in your way when you don’t need it, that’s why UNA Grill is compact and easy to store.

Our shoe-box-size tabletop grill is ideal for 2-3 people. It’s a grill that performs beautifully and gives enough heat to keep cooking for more than an hour. You can easily add charcoal to make the fire last longer for a day on the beach or with a group of friends.

We want to move away from the cliché of grilling being a "man thing". UNA Grill invites everyone to experiment with grilling and try and share their experiences, photos and recipes. We’d love to hear from you about your ideas and suggestions regarding our products and services.

A small grill can do wonders.