Premium portable grill for outdoor cooking

UNA Grill combines the qualities of a real charcoal grill with the simplicity of a disposable unit. Set up in less than a minute, this portable grill is ready to go whenever you are. On your balcony, at the beach, in the forest or at the back of a van – grilling on the go has never tasted better!

Skewers with orange slices, fish and red onions are cooking on UNA Grill.

Superior Taste

Do yourself a flavor.

Form follows function

Museum-worthy design that can take a beating.

A woman in a dress is carrying UNA Grill on its leather strap handle and walks over a wooden desk.
A young man is attaching UNA Grill to its base. He is in a park.

Why bigger isn't better

Small is the new big.

Turquoise Mint

Which color are you?

Cream White

Which color are you?

Pastel Blue

Which color are you?

Graphite Grey

Which color are you?

Strawberry Red

Which color are you?

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Gone are the days of flimsy aluminium trays at picnic barbecues.


Take your summer picnics to the next level with this portable grill.


A charcoal barbecue to use on a picnic, a small terrace or patio.

The New York Times

UNA Grill is a master in grilling and can be cleaned at lightning speed.

Jamie Magazine

Perfect for casual outdoor cooking, it works on almost any surface.

KLM Magazine

Be the star of the cookout! Anywhere! This grill is the size of a shoebox.

In The Know

Its small size and easy-to-use design makes it perfect for grilling.

Yanko Design

Delicious grilling recipe

Roasted eggplant skewers with anchovy parsley salsa

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